360° Spherical Panorama is a very good tool for presenting complex spaces as well as interior design projects. It is a form of Virtual Reality.
We don’t have to limit ourselves to the selection of a particular frame. We see everything that is around. In addition, we can easily navigate between successive spherical panoramas. We create Virtual Tour through the project.
An additional advantage is the ability to view the project on a variety of Virtual Reality headsets ( Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, Daydream, Google Cardboard).

Below we present usage examples of Virtual Reality in projects.

EXTERIOR PROJECT | residential project with a sports complex

360° Spherical Panorama were the perfect tool in this project. Investor was interested in presenting their customers sports zone located in the center of the investment.

We can look at the investment patio in a daytime and night scenario.

Additionally, we can go inside to one of apartments.

We can also visit the interior of the restaurant located in the service part of the investment.

Couple of still architectural visualizations of the project.

INTERIOR PROJECT | apartment with a mezzanine

Couple of still architectural visualizations of the project.

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